What We Do

Beautifully Breaded and Ready to Cook Beautifully Breaded and Ready to Cook

Right now 1 in 5 households in Utah are hungry. 3 Squares believes that through sustainable practices of nutrition education, sourcing and shopping, preparing, cooking and storing healthy food choices, we can make a huge change in that number.

Food Education

Afterschool Cooking & Life Skills

3 Squares is currently partnered with an after-school program teaching kids (ages 12-18) life skills. Once a week, 3 Squares brings in a top chef to work with the kids on food, food science and sustainability. Every week, these students (up to 15 kids) learn about healthy food choices, sourcing and preparing their own meals. Since this youth education program began in November 2014, we continue to see growth in the number of youths participating, as well as the impact this program has in the households of these kids. They are duplicating the shopping and cooking skills they learn, and teaching others in their households about better, healthier food choices. Over time, through this program, these kids will positively impact over 50,000 households in Utah.

Engaging Families to Think Differently about Food

3 Squares is also working with city and county organizations to provide program that will engage students and parents in food-insecure households in learning about cooking and thinking about food. This program will include chefs and food professionals demonstrating healthy food choices and prep to elementary school kids from three different schools in the Jordan School district. Parents will also be invited to come and learn about food and cooking. Additionally, the food professionals will be connected to school nutrition staff to create an opportunity share ideas and tips for improving local food procurements and healthy cooking tips for large volumes.

Food Access

3 Squares believes that through sustainable practices – such as teaching nutrition education, sourcing, growing, preparing, cooking and storing healthy food choices - we can make a change that will last.

Focus on Underserved Neighborhoods

3 Squares’ priority is to establish a family teaching kitchen within the boundaries of Salt Lake City’s food desert. By joining with local businesses and community growers, the 3 Squares kitchen will offer regularly scheduled food education and access programs that will teach individuals and families about healthy food and healthy food choices.

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